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Recent content by silence

  1. silence

    Detect When Add-On is being Uninstalled

    So I'm running into an issue when I'm setting one of the default entities `defaultWith` relation to a custom table I've made. However when uninstalling it complains that the table is missing halfway through. Is there a way to check if the current process is an uninstall one or something related...
  2. silence


    Yes but have you thought about the effects that this could have on the emotional state of those who are afraid to turn left and thus must take only rights?
  3. silence


    Maybe something like that
  4. silence


    It's not centered :(
  5. silence

    Distracting hover icons in Admin Control Panel

    You could always use local CSS styling and apply it to your browser so they wouldn't show up :)
  6. silence


  7. silence

    Initialize Relations as not null

    Right now I can initialize it through a template helper which just checks the entity for that relation and returns whichever.
  8. silence

    Initialize Relations as not null

    If we could define that in the relation then that would be fantastic :)
  9. silence

    Initialize Relations as not null

    At the moment you can initialize an empty entity and populate it fine so it would be nice if it did the same with relations.
  10. silence

    Initialize Relations as not null

    I'm asking if the relation is null that it doesn't return just null but rather return just no match found. At least then I can access some aspects of the entity, especially since I'm setting defaultWith to that specific entity.
  11. silence

    Initialize Relations as not null

    So I am using a adding a relation onto User and I want to use the permission checking within that entity, but since there isn't currently a found result in the database it just returns null. Is there a way to not have it as null so I can still do permission checking since otherwise I'll have to...
  12. silence

    Color Validator Class

    Since you have the XF\Util\Color class, could we get a validator class implemented using the methods? It would be awesome to be able to verify color input right out of the box :) You know some monstrosity like this: https://regex101.com/r/A2IjNO/4 Thanks!
  13. silence

    Not a bug Template callbacks and content checks

    So if I do something like this: <xf:macro name="brogans_hat_library" arg-type="!" arg-id="!" arg-content="!"> <xf:if contentcheck="true"> <ul class="hat-list"> <xf:contentcheck> <li class="hat"> {{ hat($type, $id) }}...
  14. silence

    Data Registry Additions

    Any thoughts?
  15. silence

    XenForo 2.0.0 Developer Preview 7 Released

    At the end of the day nobody knows what the current focus is on and how big or how long it will take to implement. They could annouce every idea they have only to scrap it a week later and it would be frustrating. News on things that have been chosen to be worthy of implementation is the best...