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Fixed Disabled checkbox disabled but not formatted


Active Member
If you disable a checkbox:
<xf:checkboxrow label="test">
    <xf:option disabled="disabled" name="dummy1" value="1">Test 1</xf:option>
    <xf:option name="dummy2" value="2">Test 2</xf:option>
The disabled checkbox is disabled, however it is not formatted in any way to show that it's disabled. It still looks like it can be checked when it can't.

Chris D

XenForo Developer
Staff member
It seems to work if you set rowclass="is-disabled" but that's not particularly helpful if only one of the checkboxes should be disabled. It does mean, however, that the styling works correctly when you disable an entire checkbox row, e.g. via the disabler system.

But indeed there doesn't appear to be a way to mark a specific checkbox as disabled. I'd have expected the disabled attribute to handle it, or at least adding class="is-disabled" to the option.


XenForo Developer
Staff member
IIRC, we intentionally split up separating the disabled styling from the disabled attribute to give more flexibility, though it was likely more in the context of buttons. It may be clearer to drop that, or at least do it via [disabled]:not(.some--modifier).

That said, I think there may be a specific regression here from the checkbox/radio replacement.